HDTV Accessories
We have all the best HDTV Antenna mounting and installation accessories. Whether you're installing yourself or choosing our professional installation, we can help you choose the best accessories to suit your particular situation.

There are many ways to mount your HD TV Antenna both indoor or outdoor.  If you need advice on how to mount your TV Antenna for the best reception, stop by our store and have a talk with our antenna experts.  They can help you not only decide how to mount your antenna for the best aesthetic and signal reasons, but we can also schedule a professional installation to ensure you get the most out of your antenna purchase.

We sell and install TV Antenna Rotors.  We can also troubleshoot existing installations.  Call for more information on Antenna Rotor installation and service options.

If you are having trouble with signal loss, you may need a pre-amplifier or a powered splitter.  A pre-amplifier is a 2 part unit that helps reduce signal loss within the antenna cable runs.  If you have more then two TV's, you will need a powered splitter to reduce the loss caused by the split.  It is not generally a good idea to use both of these options at the same time.  If you have questions about what type of help you need to help with your signal, drop by our store and talk with our antenna experts, who will evaluate your location and installation to help you find the best and most cost efficient option for your issue.

Digital converter boxes are for older TV's which are unable to deal with the digital signal.  In essence they "dumb down" the signal for the TV.  If you have questions about digital converter boxes, or if you would like more information on installation or whether you need one or not, please stop by our store to talk to our TV Antenna experts.

We have various lengths of TV Antenna / TV Cable wire in stock.  We can also make you custom lengths if needed.  Come in and talk with our experts for more information.