HDTV Antennas are a great way to cut your TV bill with no monthly fees yet keep watching lots of FREE local TV. You’ll get a great variety of channels including major networks, movies, sports, children’s shows, weather, news and popular series. For areas in the Durham region, close to Lake Ontario you can receive up to 60* channels including quite a few from the U.S. Browse through our list of modern day Digital Antennas and you’ll quickly see that they don’t have to be a huge monstrosity on your roof! We have small profile models that deliver great digital TV reception. Although outdoor antennas get the best reception, we also have indoor antennas options to help if you have no other way to get TV channels. For more help, drop by our store and talk to our Antenna experts. We can help you choose the best antenna for your location and home. We have experienced professional installers who can install all types of TV antennas, troubleshoot issues and also do repairs and upgrades on older systems.

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