mac computer repair Whitby

Apple / Mac Computer Repairs Whitby

Apple, Mac Computer Repairs Whitby, with new expanded services in Cobourg, and Port Hope

Apple computers are beautiful, stylish and expensive!  Proper maintenance and repairs are imperative to protect your investment. We specialize in Mac and apple computer repairs at our location in Brooklin, just north of Whitby. We work on all makes and models of Mac computers, Macbook Air Notebook computers, Macbook Pro Notebook computers, iMac Computers, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and older models.

**We now have a pickup and drop off service available to select areas in Cobourg and Port Hope. Please contact us for more information.

The most common mac computer repairs are:

  • Cracked or broken screens
  • Slow computer performance
  • Malware, viruses, worms, trojans
  • Hard drive failure
  • Data recovery or data transfer
  • Computer will not start up or will not boot
  • Computer upgrades, OSX upgrades, troubleshooting issues with Operating system upgrades
  • Freezing Mac computer
  • Mac Computer keeps shutting down
  • Ram upgrades
  • Hard Drive Upgrades
  • Keyboard replacement

Basic Costs Estimates:

Laptop Screen Repair:
Macbook Pro screen  repairs generally cost between $525 and $650 parts and labour, excluding taxes. 

Motherboard Video Repair:
Macbook Pro motherboard video repair generally costs between $375 and $450 parts and labour, excluding taxes.

Motherboard Power Repair:
Macbook Pro motherboard power repair generally costs around $350 parts and labour, excluding taxes.

iMac Repairs are quoted per machine

The above costs for repairs are generalizations and could increase depending on the specific model or condition of the machine.