June 2015

Router Hijacking Malware virus Router Porn Virus - Forget your computer, they're after your Router!

If it isn't one thing, it's another.  Yes, hackers have found a new way to make computer users lives miserable.  A new piece of malware is targeting your router - injecting ads and pornography into websites by modifying the router's DNS setting.  And thanks to a clever implementation, this malware can hijack nearly every website on the internet for malicious purposes.  So for the un-technical people out there.  That nifty little box that provides you wireless throughout your home or office can be hijacked to show you all kinds of nasty stuff - yes, even kids sites are not safe from this!

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Vishing - Email Phone scams, how to avoid being a victim Vishing: How to protect yourself from scammers

Vishing is a relatively new term that is a combination of "voice and Phishing."  In the past vishing was only over the phone, now there have been numerous reports of legitimate looking e-mails asking the user to call a 800 number related to a banking issue. When the user calls the 800 number, the recording asks them to put in information about their card and other sensitive information to "verify their account". The long and the short of this is to NEVER call the number in an email. Instead, ALWAYS look up the phone number on your account statements. 

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