Security Camera Effectiveness

Security Camera Effectiveness

Do security cameras effectively deter crime?  The honest answer is - it depends on the criminal. While it is true a large percentage of robbery suspects will change their target if they see security cameras on site, we need to remember that quite a few criminals are using robbery to support their drug habit. As such, not all of them are as methodical and logical when they're picking a target.

But to be honest, that's when a high quality security camera really shines. A good HD security camera will capture evidence of the crime, the perpetrator, the vehicle, and any other useful information that can be used to capture the individual(s). Obviously this is exactly the purpose they were built for.

But there are quite a few problems with security cameras.  First off is the low quality perception. Many customers believe that the grainy, low quality security camera footage on the news is what they can expect if they put up cameras. That is completely untrue and in the case of security cameras, name brand cameras, are not always better. There are many brands that you can buy at stores like Costco that sound like a great idea, but lack quality night vision, lack the ability to fix lighting for the best picture, and lack overall image quality.

The second problem is that security cameras are unreasonably complex, which makes it very hard for consumers to choose a camera system off the shelf. There's so many options to choose; lenses from 2.8mm to 12.0mm, image resolutions, Digital WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) or True WDR or no WDR, Wireless or Wired, IP, TVI, as well as a selection of styles, Dome Cameras, bullet cameras, turret cameras, etc. Unfortunately many big box stores will prey on consumers inability to understand all these different options and offer you a great price for a package knowing that the consumer doesn't understand that this specific security camera package will only work well under certain conditions.

Because of the complexity of cameras, price is not always a good indicator of the picture quality either. You may find a camera that is a good name brand and much more expensive then the others, but lacks the ability to compensate when the evening sun shines in. Or you may find that the cameras are good but the DVR isn't working optimally with the cameras. Which brings up another important point. Depending on where your cameras are located you may need a different camera for each location. You may need pan-tilt-zoom in one area, whereas another area may need a wide angle, another area may need WDR to deal with different lighting and over exposure conditions, while yet another area may need a lens built for distance. You definitely can't pick this up in an off the shelf kit.

We advise our customers to set up an appointment with one of our experts to come out and have a look at their property so that we can help determine the best camera for each location. From there we match up a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that will handle the specific amount of cameras and amount of incoming data. Our experts will advise you the best places to put the cameras to get the images and evidence needed for any future prosecution.

Remember paying more for a proper professional installation, is better than losing out on getting critical footage later on.

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