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What You Know About Password Security is Wrong! What You Know About Password Security is Wrong!

How many times have we heard people come into Skyview and complain that they can't remember their passwords?  Every site you log into wants you to create your own password, and most times they want you to create something the is almost impossible to remember.  These impossible to remember passwords are supposed to increase security and deter hackers, yet it's getting harder and harder to follow these requirements.  Why?  Because security and practicality are in conflict. 

Ebola Email Computer Trojan virus Ebola-related computer viruses

Hackers have turned the Ebola outbreak into another safety concern: a computer virus.

Using fear of the Ebola epidemic as bait, cyber-criminals have disguised Trojan viruses as attached documents in e-mails headlined “Ebola Outbreak Now WORSE Than We’re Being Told” or “EBOLA Outbreak – FEMA Storing 250,000 Plastic Coffins.”

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team issued a warning about these campaigns last week and recommended Internet users avoid clicking on or downloading attachments from the spam emails.

Bash Bug: The low down on the new computer vulerability Bash Bug: The low down on the new computer vulerability

Well folks we have another one! Internet experts have discovered another programming flaw that has been dubbed as the "Bash Bug" This bug could pose a serious threat to computers and other devices like routers. Even computer systems that are used to run factory floors and power plants could be affected. This bug could pose a threat to both Mac and PC systems, servers, routers Android phones, medical devices... well it sounds like it can affect just about anything with a computer brain in it!

Slow Computer?  Time for Cleaning your computer inside and out! Slow Computer? It's crying for help!

Computer performance issues are the #1 issue that we get calls about.  "My computer is running slow!" 

WPS Reset on the high powered router

If you have purchased the custom TPLink high powered Wireless Router with our custom software installed to increase wireless range  - DO NOT press the WPS/Reset button.  This unit has been installed with custom software and settings.  Pressing the WPS/Reset button will disable the router and you will need to birng the router back to be re-configured at your cost.  More information to come...

Talking Dirty - Saving your computer from dirt, dust and pet hair Talking Dirty

In the world of computers, dust and dirt is an almost silent killer

Again this week, we’ve received a computer, who’s life is hanging on by a thread.  Andrew, our computer tech, valiantly jumps in to save the day and like a surgeon, methodically dismantles the computer to see what’s wrong.  Well in this case, and many similar cases the problem is an accumulation of dirt, dust and pet hair.  Yup, I said pet hair!  Even human hair can find its way into the fans and become a tangled mess.

Xplornet New Extra Data Deals for the Holidays Country Living Deserves Good Internet Too!

Special offers with more data are here for rural dwelling internet geeks

How Antenna TV has evolved and is making a huge comeback with HDTV What's Old is New Again!

How Antenna TV technology has evolved and is making a huge comeback.

I remember sitting round the old TV seeing more snow then picture, but sitting in rapture hoping to make out the better parts of my favourite TV show. Better known as “over the air TV” Antenna TV has long been a sign of country living, where no cable TV exists.  But with the economy going through an unstable up and down cycle, many people have been looking for many different ways to reduce their monthly bills.  Enter the good old fashioned TV Antenna! 

Funny and Silly Technical Questions Tech Humor We love all of our customers, but we can't all be geeks! Just to add a little humor to your day, we'd like to share some of the stories we've seen online. Don't worry we don't use our ACTUAL customer stories! Enjoy!
Understanding CCTV Cameras - Info-graphic Understanding CCTV Cameras Are you confused by the tons of different options of CCTV Cameras? There are so many styles, shapes, resolutions, lens types, wired, wireless, analog, digital, etc. How do you know what camera is going to work for you? Well this info-graphic will hopefully help you take away some of the mystery behind the security camera technology. We've visualised a lot of the information here to give you a better idea of what each characteristic actually means.