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How Secure is Your Home In Ontario - Infographic How Secure is Your Home in Ontario? Many people in Ontario take for granted that their security is assured. You would be surprised how often crime happens in Ontario and the best ways to deter criminal activity around your home or business. Crime also increases the closer you are to populated areas. Homes that are fairly remote, yet close to city areas are a favourite target for thieves because they know that the police will take a while to get there. Having a professionally installed security system helps deter criminals from even trying, and if they do try, you'll have evidence on video to submit to the authorities.
Preventing Crime in Canada - Infographic Preventing Crime in Canada Interested in how often Residential crime happens in Canada? You'll be surprised about the statistics! Alarm systems alone are not the best protection for you. Camera systems will not only deter criminal activity, but if the crime takes place, it gathers usable evidence to use in court. Take a look at our infographic on preventing crime in Canada!
The death of Windows XP Microsoft XP's Last Days Ok all you golden oldies, time to sit up and take notice. Windows XP finally has an expiration date. As of April 8, 2014 Microsoft will end support for Windows XP. Individuals and businesses who continue to use XP after this date could put themselves at serious risk as there will no longer be any updates.
Xplornet Rural Internet Gives you More Internet For less Money xplornet

I am sure that I don’t have to tell anyone that is reading this, that getting fast, reliable internet in the rural Canada is Challenging, too say the least!! Not to mention the costs for what you get compared to living in the city, wow, where to start?

If you have already been talked into a HUB or a Stick, you already shaking your head at where to start the list. The most common thing I hear is I am only a twenty-minute drive out of the city why don’t I have the same speeds as they do??? Well it boils down to the plain fact, our country is just too huge for our population. 

Skyview Electronics Computer Tech and Virus Removal Genius Meet Your Tech

If you've been in to Skyview lately you've probably met our computer technician Andrew.
Andrew is more than a pretty face! After spending a good portion of his career at Microsoft as a tier 3 enterprise platform support specialist. He joined Skyview in 2008 and quickly became a favourite tech of many clients.

RCMP / Police Computer Scareware Scam is Back! The RCMP are warning the public of a computer scam after they have been receiving reports from individuals who say their computers are being frozen or they have been “locked out” of their computers after receiving pop- up messages warning them their computer has been associated with pornography. These warning messages, which claim to be from the RCMP, tell the recipient to pay $100.00 via Ukash so their computer can be “unlocked”. Recipients of this pop- up messages are further warned that if they do not pay the $100.00 fine within 72 hours criminal proceedings will commence against them.
Yahoo Accounts Compromised - Hacking Alert! We have have noticed a higher then usual call rate regarding Yahoo e-mail addresses having been compromised. Many of the compromised e-mail addresses are sending spam to all the addresses on the contact list. These spam links can potentially contain viruses and keyloggers aimed at getting your personal information or compromising your computer in other ways. DO NOT CALL ANY YAHOO PHONE NUMBER THAT POPS UP ON YOUR COMPUTER OR IN YOUR EMAIL!