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Security Camera Systems in Durham Region:

Peace of Mind for More than Just Break and Entering!

When you think of security camera systems, most people think they’re only for capturing evidence of a break and enter.  In reality Camera systems provide so much more then protection against thieves. They do a great job at deterring too, but they also provide peace of mind for other concerns like; supporting seniors, childcare, visitors on your property, livestock management, and keeping you informed of any potential issues like who’s at your front door and who has been there in your absence.

With the ever increasing amount of crime in and around the areas of Brooklin, Whitby, Oshawa many people are starting to wonder what options they have to make their home and business look less attractive to thieves.  Monitored home alarm systems have become popular options, but the monthly monitoring fees are extremely unappealing.  Evidence shows that alarm systems alone do not stop thieves from breaking into your home or business, although it does reduce the amount stolen.  Whereas having a security camera system installed can reduce the likelihood of being broken into by 30 times over a traditional non-camera security system.

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One of the reasons why traditional monitored alarm systems are overrated is that when the police get a call from a monitoring station, they know that there is a 95% chance that it’s a false alarm. In Durham Region there’s a $150 fine for false alarms and a $75 cancelled dispatch fine. In other areas the fines are higher and after 3 false alarms, your address will be suspended until you pay a reinstatement fee. A camera system that you monitor yourself virtually eliminates false alarms. You can call the police yourself if you are observing a crime that is actually happening. The police are likely to respond quickly to your call in such a case because there is a much greater chance of capture with the crime still in progress. This is what you want, a security system that effectively assists you and the police in capturing troublemakers.

The police have a challenge in charging someone without evidence, but if you have video proof, they love it! Without video evidence there is usually little to no proof to obtain a conviction for situations like theft, property damage, vehicle damage, harassment, troublesome neighbours, elder abuse, verbal or physical abuse. These events are not something a traditional non-camera security system is able to capture or monitor. Our camera systems eliminate monthly fees and give you the ability to capture the video evidence that the police need to gain a conviction and eliminate your problem, restoring peace of mind.

It’s no wonder security cameras deter bad behavior; no one likes to get caught!

Take a look at our Infographic for more information on ‘How Secure is Your Home in Ontario?’

With the aging population in Brooklin, Whitby, Oshawa, finding solutions to help care for seniors has become a concern. For many families, just being able to check in on their loved ones by video is a huge burden off their mind.  For others who are dealing with a family member with dementia or Alzheimer’s, a system that allows them to know when a door is being opened and having a video feed of the grounds in and around the home, allows them the security of knowing that their loved one is safe. Still others would like the security of a portable help/panic button, with 2 way communication, but without the monthly fees that are normally associated with it.  Our security products are highly effective and affordable – with no monthly fees. Skyviews security solutions can help put you at ease without emptying your wallet. Our systems also work extremely well for anyone who has a handicap, reduced mobility or other health care needs.

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At Skyview Electronics, we pride ourselves on working with business and home owners to find an ideal solution at an affordable price. After over 30 years of installing security systems we’ve seen and heard it all. Let us help you with your concerns, discretion is assured.

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