How Secure is Your Home in Ontario?

How Secure is Your Home In Ontario - Infographic

Many people in Ontario take for granted that their security is assured.  You would be surprised how often crime happens in Ontario and the best ways to deter criminal activity around your home or business.  Crime also increases the closer you are to populated areas.  Homes that are fairly remote, yet close to city areas are a favourite target for thieves because they know that the police will take a while to get there.  Having a professionally installed security system helps deter criminals from even trying, and if they do try, you'll have evidence on video to submit to the authorities. Check out our infographic below for more statistics on break and enter crime in Ontario, Canada.

How Secure is your home in Ontario - Infographic
  • 1 in every 36.5 people are victims of property crime in Ontario

Security Risks

  • Social Media Updates - telling people the house is empty
  • Piles of Mail - signifying someone isn't home
  • Hidden Spare Key - under a door mat or in a plant
  • Unlocked Windows and/or Doors - especially in the basement or main floor
  • Overgrown Shrubs - helps conceal burglars
  • No Visible Security - or easily to avoid or disable security

Adding Video Surveillance to your security system reduces your chance of a break and enter by as much as 40x when compared with an unprotected property.

While no security system offers a guarantee that you will never be broken into, in properties with security cameras that still end up being victims of a break and enter, the amount of property stolen is 50% less than it would be if the premises only had an alarm system. Compare this to a property with no alarm or camera security and you'll see a reduction by about 80%.

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