Indoor Window Mounted Antenna

  • Super thin Specially designed for digital Cableless TV
  • Receives UHF channels (14-69)
  • Multi-driectional design pulls in signal from all directions
  • Easy installation, not tools and no assembly
  • Suction fasteners provided and make for easy set up and placement


I had Skyview come out and install a new HDTV antenna for me in Whitby. Very happy with the results, able to access 43 channels crystal clear. 
Service was excellent, Dave Suggitt came out and helped me through a challenging install as I had some tall buildings in line of sight to CN Tower. Dave took the time to explain the setup and worked diligently to ensure i was aimed to get the best reception. Thanks Dave and team, you're very knowledgeable, I highly recommend your services.



WOW, talked to these guys, bought an antenna and in a day i have 45 channels for free. 
Cut your cable.



The staff was welcoming and professional. I found the sales person to be an attentive listener and quite knowledgeable in the products they sell. The services I have with this company is efficient and of superb quality.