Professional Installation and Networking

Professional Installation

Professional Network Installation for Home or Business


Professional Home Installation

Home Installation Services

  • New buildings and existing home retrofitting - wiring for TV, internet and smart home devices (Coax Cable, Ethernet, Cat 6 cabling)
  • Wiring or wireless networking
  • Wireless range - evaluation, repair, elimination of dead or low signal areas, extended wireless range for outbuildings, decks and yard areas
  • Security system installation, integration and repair
  • HDTV Antenna installation, repair and maintenance
  • Computer networking and home office networking repair and maintenance
  • Cell phone boosters to increase cellular signal within the home


Professional Business Installation Services

Business Installation Services

  • Network system integration services
  • Computer and network maintenance contracts
  • Custom server builds, setup and installation
  • Creating a backup system for all computers (Cloud backup, server backup)
  • Adding a power backup & surge supressor system to protect computers
  • Property security evaluation and custom security system installation based on your particular needs
  • Virus and malware removal and software solutions to protect against future attacks
  • Long range internet - building to building networking through wired or wireless means
  • Cell phone boosters to eliminate low signal areas and allow the use of cellular devices within metal buildings or basements


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Networking Professionals in Whitby, Ontario

Tired of your network issues causing downtime and frustration?

There are many reasons why your network ( internet, wifi, and other connections ) may not be working properly. One of the reasons may be older outdated equipment or lower quality devices causing a bottleneck or unreliable network performance. At Skyview, we specialize in identifying and repairing networking issues.


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