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IT Disaster Recovery Services

When your business is hit with an unexpected catastrophe, it can be overwhelming to try and figure out what to do and where to go for help. Without access to business data, many companies are unable to function causing not only company disruption, but also client disruption that can damage the reputation of your business. The technicians at Skyview Electronics are experienced in all types of disaster recovery and have helped many businesses get back up and running quickly.

  • Computer and network damage due to fire or water
  • Computer and network damage due to being hacked, high-jacked or infected with a virus like Ransom-ware
  • Hardware failure
  • Application failure
  • Natural disasters
  • Accidental dropping of laptops or storage devices
  • Logical failure
  • Power surge damage
  • Theft & sabotage

Disaster Recovery Planning

Computer Disaster recovery business plan charts

When setting up a business it is imperative you plan a backup system to make sure you have a recovery solution in place. There are many cost effective options to help keep your business downtime to a minimum. Skyview can help you design a disaster recovery system to ensure you are prepared for events like data loss, intrusions like malware or viruses and can help you quickly recover from any situation that may arise.

We provide:

  • Network Assessment & Troubleshooting
  • Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementation, including data backup systems, power backup, surge suppression systems
  • Identifying Vulnerabilities
  • Creating off-site backups and redundancy
  • Computer Support
  • Virus and Malware Removal and Support
  • Data Recovery
  • Computer Repair

Every business is vulnerable to catastrophic incidents that disrupts normal business operations. It is vital for a business to integrate disaster recovery plans. Anticipating disaster and preparing for it is a smart business decision that will give you some insurance that your business will be able to recover when something bad happens.

Expanded Service Area

We now have a drop off and pick up service available for certain areas within Cobourg and Port Hope. Please call for more information.