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We stock and special order many different types of cables in various lengths. Including Cat 6 network cable, RG6 coaxial cable, HDMI video cable, Mini HDMI cable, Display Port cable, Mini Display Port cable, DVI cable, VGA monitor cable, Printer cable, Ethernet cable, USB cable, USB extension cable, and Siamese security cable. Special orders can be made for specific lengths of cable if needed.  For more information, please call 905-655-3661.

  • 16 Gauge Speaker Wire

    $25.00$39.99 CDN
  • 2 Port AC Power Cord

    $6.00 CDN
  • 3ft Apple Type Lighning USB Data Cable

    $10.00 CDN
  • 3ft USB Cable for Samsung Galaxy Devices

    $15.00 CDN
  • 5 RCA Component Video Cables, 15ft

    $29.99 CDN
  • Apple Type 10w USB Power Adapter

    $15.00 CDN
  • Category 5e Network Cable

    $3.00$25.00 CDN
  • Category 6e Network Cable

    $4.00$20.00 CDN
  • Coaxial RG6 Cable

    $3.00$25.00 CDN
  • DVI to DVI Cable – 6ft

    $25.00 CDN
  • DVI to VGA Cable – 6ft

    $15.00 CDN
  • HDMI 90 Adapter F/M

    $5.00 CDN