Advanced High Tech Long Range HDTV Antenna with built in pre-amp

$250.00 CDN

  • Ellipse Mix

    High-VHF/UHF  TV Antenna

    Intelligence taken to the limit

    Ellipse Mix is an advanced over the air TV antenna that automatically adapts its gain in real time to optimize the reception of television signals, ensuring the optimum level of signal is delivered at all times. This latest repack-ready version has been completely redesigned from the ground up for the new US broadcast frequencies, filtering any interfering 5G signals above 608MHz, and providing independent amplification for the VHF and UHF bands. The antenna is able to receive very weak signals while at the same time avoiding overload caused by very strong signals. The Ellipse Mix is a high gain directional antenna designed to offer stable and high quality reception of High VHF and UHF only (RF channels 7-36) in mid to long-range receiving scenarios despite continuous changes in weather and transmitting conditions thanks to its exclusive and intelligent built-in T-Force amplifier. The Televes proprietary triple boom design ensures maximum raw gain in a compact and install friendly form factor suitable for outdoor or attic install. No additional preamplifier purchase is required as the antenna includes a best-in-class very low-noise T-Force preamplifier built in right at the dipole with automatic gain control, plus FM and cellphone signal filtering adapting to any installation situation. A low-consumption UL-listed power supply is included providing two outputs for convenient distribution to additional TV sets. Not only do industry experts rave about the Ellipse Mix exceptional performance but also the unparalleled manufacturing quality using only the finest materials (aluminum, stainless steel, ABS plastic) ensuring years of trouble free operation in the most challenging environments. It ships in an eco-friendly compact package and assembles in less than 60 seconds. The Ellipse Mix is your best option for a compact high gain TV antenna with uncompromising performance.

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How do I know what TV channels I’ll receive with an HDTV Antenna?

Trying to find out if it’s worth getting an HDTV Antenna?  Want to get an idea of what channels you’ll receive at your home?  Use TV Fools’ interactive channel tool to input your address and see what channels you should receive at your home.  After putting in your address, you’ll see a list of Analog and digital stations you can receive below the map.  Then give us a call so we can recommend the best antenna for your location.

TV Fool Interactive Channel Locator Tool

Ever wondered what shows are available and when? has posted your local TV guide online.  Click on this link and put in your postal code.  Then choose “Local – Broadcast (Antenna)” from the options.

HDTV Antenna Installation

Would you like more information on the installation process?  Here’s the process we use to install our favourite low-profile Digital TV Antenna.

If you have lots of big trees or tall buildings in between you and the TV broadcast towers in your area and you are more than 30 miles (48 km’s) from them you likely would benefit from a Pre-Amplifier.

A pre-amplifier is a two piece electronic device of which the inside part, through the coax cable provides power to the outside part installed near the TV antenna head. It’s purpose is to make sure that whatever signal strength the TV antenna captures that no further loss occurs traveling down the cable to your TV. It’s especially helpful for distant weaker channels.

Because the signal is now powered (amplified) from the antenna it can usually feed up to two TV’s with a 2 way splitter no problem.

However if you have more than two TV’s then a different type of amplifier may be also needed. This is called a Distribution Amplifier which is basically a powered splitter. A distribution amplifier makes sure that long cable runs to multiple TV’s will not reduce the signal strength to where channels are lost. This is what they use in bars and restaurants with multiple wall mounted TV’s

Do you need both? There’s a bit of science involved as it’s even possible to have too much signal, but don’t worry Skyview techs will be happy to advise you of the right set up for your application.