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High quality cameras versus low quality security cameras High Quality Security Cameras vs. Low Quality Security Cameras

High Quality Security Cameras vs. Low Quality Security Cameras

Ever wondered why police have a challenge catching bank robbers? Most banks and commercial properties installed security cameras years ago, long before the newer high definition technology became available. The other option is the company has cheaped out on the cameras.

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Security Camera Effectiveness Security Camera Effectiveness

Do security cameras effectively deter crime?  The honest answer is - it depends on the criminal. While it is true a large percentage of robbery suspects will change their target if they see security cameras on site, we need to remember that quite a few criminals are using robbery to support their drug habit. As such, not all of them are as methodical and logical when they're picking a target.

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Thief at front Door Holiday Theft

The holiday season is here! Sadly there are thieves that want to ruin the great spirit that this season brings. Don't let your home fall victim to this! Skyview Electronics can help protect you, your loved ones, and the Packages that are dropped at the door!

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Vishing - Email Phone scams, how to avoid being a victim Vishing: How to protect yourself from scammers

Vishing is a relatively new term that is a combination of "voice and Phishing."  In the past vishing was only over the phone, now there have been numerous reports of legitimate looking e-mails asking the user to call a 800 number related to a banking issue. When the user calls the 800 number, the recording asks them to put in information about their card and other sensitive information to "verify their account". The long and the short of this is to NEVER call the number in an email. Instead, ALWAYS look up the phone number on your account statements. 

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What You Know About Password Security is Wrong! What You Know About Password Security is Wrong!

How many times have we heard people come into Skyview and complain that they can't remember their passwords?  Every site you log into wants you to create your own password, and most times they want you to create something the is almost impossible to remember.  These impossible to remember passwords are supposed to increase security and deter hackers, yet it's getting harder and harder to follow these requirements.  Why?  Because security and practicality are in conflict. 

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Understanding CCTV Cameras - Info-graphic Understanding CCTV Cameras Are you confused by the tons of different options of CCTV Cameras? There are so many styles, shapes, resolutions, lens types, wired, wireless, analog, digital, etc. How do you know what camera is going to work for you? Well this info-graphic will hopefully help you take away some of the mystery behind the security camera technology. We've visualised a lot of the information here to give you a better idea of what each characteristic actually means. Read More
How Secure is Your Home In Ontario - Infographic How Secure is Your Home in Ontario? Many people in Ontario take for granted that their security is assured. You would be surprised how often crime happens in Ontario and the best ways to deter criminal activity around your home or business. Crime also increases the closer you are to populated areas. Homes that are fairly remote, yet close to city areas are a favourite target for thieves because they know that the police will take a while to get there. Having a professionally installed security system helps deter criminals from even trying, and if they do try, you'll have evidence on video to submit to the authorities. Read More
Preventing Crime in Canada - Infographic Preventing Crime in Canada Interested in how often Residential crime happens in Canada? You'll be surprised about the statistics! Alarm systems alone are not the best protection for you. Camera systems will not only deter criminal activity, but if the crime takes place, it gathers usable evidence to use in court. Take a look at our infographic on preventing crime in Canada! Read More