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Skyview Makes TV Affordable

Are you looking for a way to keep watching great TV programming but lower your monthly costs?  Come in to Skyview and check out our TV options!  We have live in-store antenna TV and Cable TV examples of our low cost TV products so you can compare the quality of each service!

TV Antennas

Antenna TV

Did you know that there are 30+ FREE & LEGAL Digital High Definition TV channels being broadcast in and around the GTA. The picture quality is AMAZING and definitely better than Satellite or Cable TV. Digital free off air channels are generally not compressed like satellite or cable which degrades the image. The result is a video quality like you’ve never seen before.

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Cable or IP TV Channels for low cost cable

Cable TV

Our TV services are delivered exclusively though our internet services.  If you’re already a Skyview internet customer, you can now order TV Services too.  We also have great low priced Internet + TV bundles On Promo!

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Start saving now!

If you plan on watching TV for the next 5 years even basic cable or satellite will cost you over $3,000 + tax. Take those savings and use it where it makes more sense. Free HDTV antenna channels may be all you need. We have found that even if viewers have 100+ channels available, they generally only watch  5 to 10 favourites especially if like most folks you spend more time on the internet than on TV. Why pay big bucks for something that’s no longer our main source of entertainment.
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