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Spilled or your Laptop?  Here's what to do Immediately!! The top 10 most common worst things to spill on your computer Spilled or your Laptop? Here's what to do Immediately!!

**Note before proceeding: Liquid and electricity DON'T MIX! When the two meet, the liquid can destroy your circuits and also send you a serious shock if you're not careful!

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Cryptowall Ransomware Cryptowall Ransomware - WARNING

What is Ransomware?  Ransomware is a virus that infects your machine and renders it useless until you pay the ransom amount.
In most cases it encrypts all files on your computer rendering them inaccessible as well as all connected devices, this includes other computers on your network and backup drives that are attached - this includes cloud drives like Dropbox!
If you are thinking you're safe on a Mac - think again!  Mac computers are also a target of these viruses.

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Router Hijacking Malware virus Router Porn Virus - Forget your computer, they're after your Router!

If it isn't one thing, it's another.  Yes, hackers have found a new way to make computer users lives miserable.  A new piece of malware is targeting your router - injecting ads and pornography into websites by modifying the router's DNS setting.  And thanks to a clever implementation, this malware can hijack nearly every website on the internet for malicious purposes.  So for the un-technical people out there.  That nifty little box that provides you wireless throughout your home or office can be hijacked to show you all kinds of nasty stuff - yes, even kids sites are not safe from this!

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Ebola Email Computer Trojan virus Ebola-related computer viruses

Hackers have turned the Ebola outbreak into another safety concern: a computer virus.

Using fear of the Ebola epidemic as bait, cyber-criminals have disguised Trojan viruses as attached documents in e-mails headlined “Ebola Outbreak Now WORSE Than We’re Being Told” or “EBOLA Outbreak – FEMA Storing 250,000 Plastic Coffins.”

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team issued a warning about these campaigns last week and recommended Internet users avoid clicking on or downloading attachments from the spam emails.

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Bash Bug: The low down on the new computer vulerability Bash Bug: The low down on the new computer vulerability

Well folks we have another one! Internet experts have discovered another programming flaw that has been dubbed as the "Bash Bug" This bug could pose a serious threat to computers and other devices like routers. Even computer systems that are used to run factory floors and power plants could be affected. This bug could pose a threat to both Mac and PC systems, servers, routers Android phones, medical devices... well it sounds like it can affect just about anything with a computer brain in it!

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Slow Computer?  Time for Cleaning your computer inside and out! Slow Computer? It's crying for help!

Computer performance issues are the #1 issue that we get calls about.  "My computer is running slow!" 

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Talking Dirty - Saving your computer from dirt, dust and pet hair Talking Dirty

In the world of computers, dust and dirt is an almost silent killer

Again this week, we’ve received a computer, who’s life is hanging on by a thread.  Andrew, our computer tech, valiantly jumps in to save the day and like a surgeon, methodically dismantles the computer to see what’s wrong.  Well in this case, and many similar cases the problem is an accumulation of dirt, dust and pet hair.  Yup, I said pet hair!  Even human hair can find its way into the fans and become a tangled mess.

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Funny and Silly Technical Questions Tech Humor We love all of our customers, but we can't all be geeks! Just to add a little humor to your day, we'd like to share some of the stories we've seen online. Don't worry we don't use our ACTUAL customer stories! Enjoy! Read More
The death of Windows XP Microsoft XP's Last Days Ok all you golden oldies, time to sit up and take notice. Windows XP finally has an expiration date. As of April 8, 2014 Microsoft will end support for Windows XP. Individuals and businesses who continue to use XP after this date could put themselves at serious risk as there will no longer be any updates. Read More