Coffee and doughnuts are on me

Dear Rod,
I wanted to thank you for spending so much time helping my son choose a computer recently. When you are twelve years old and making your first big purchase with your own money it is a really big deal. I truly felt that you were interested in him making a wise choice. So - coffee and doughnuts are on me - with my sincere thanks.

A R-G Brooklin

Excellent Service

"Dear Dax,
I am writing this letter to express to you my appreciation for the excellent service and personal attention that you extended to us in the supply and installation of our computer system.

I am very appreciative of the fact that you took the time to understand what our needs were and made various suggestions as to how best meet those needs at a reasonable cost. We are extremely pleased with the computers and the printer, and other accessories that you supplied for us, as well as the installation and the networking of the computers. I was also pleased with your pricing, which I felt was fair an competitive.

It's always a pleasure when making a purchase to receive great service and good value. I feel that you provided us with both. It's nice to know tht we can rely on you to care for our computer needs in the future. I will readily recommend you services to anyone that I can.
Thanks again!"

G.G. Oshawa

Below Cost

"RE: Testimonial for Skyview Electronics

Last week I ordered 14 copies of virus software from Daxton. Do to the number of copies that I had ordered I did not expect delivery on them for a couple of weeks.

I was pleasantly suprised when Daxton showed up within a couple of days with all 14 copies of the software (he also quoted us a price approximatley 30% below the cost form another major software provider).

Thanks Daxton, Always a pleasure to work with you and Skyview Electronics."

Karen Reid
Oshawa Community Credit Union

Great Job Installing Camera System

"I just wanted to send you a note and say thank you a great job installing our camera system.

Having the cameras in the broodmares stalls has saved us a lot of time and worrying as we can keep a close eye on our mares without having to run back and forth to the barn all night. Also, installing the cameras in the alleyways has provided peace of mind in that we know everyone is in their place before retiring for the night.

We enjoyed working with both you and your staff and will be contacting you soon to inquire on installing more cameras in other areas of the barns.

Thanks again and talk to you soon."

Kim Ito and Don Reid
DK Training Center

Theft Problem Solved

"Skyview Electronics provided me with an excellent service. When I first had a theft problem I contacted them and they took the time to explain all the different systems that could be of use to my business.

I was also impressed with their prompt service, in that the next day I had someone out at my premises and my camera installed. I appreciated the discretion that was used when Dax came to my premises as well.

The camera worked beautifully and my problem was resolved within three days.

Thanks again to everyone at Skyview Electronics."

Brooklin Pet Center

Exceptional Service

"Dear Jamie and Rod,

Thank you so much for staying late to set up my new computer. I really appreciate the exceptional service you provided.

Please enjoy some treats at Tim's on me.

A greatful customer, "


Return Customer

"Dear Sir,

Back in 2002 I bought a computer from you and along with it I purchased a block surge suppressor (after looking at the power bar you displayed showing no protection for my computer at all). Well am I ever glad I did buy the surge suppressor.

It has been a while since this has happened so there will be no dates... I just cannot remember how long ago it was. There was a storm with lightning so I shut down the computers. After the storm I came into the office to fire them up again. That is when I got a surge in the surge protector. I never went past it to the computer, monitor and printer. It saved all my equipment.

After that I came back to Skyview and bought three more. "