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Network Security

Network security is the set of strategies, processes, and technologies designed to protect a company’s network from unauthorized access and harm.

What is Network Security?

Your network and data are shielded from breaches, invasions, and other dangers by network security. This is a broad, all-encompassing phrase that covers software and hardware solutions, as well as procedures, guidelines, and setups for network usage, accessibility, and general threat protection.
Network security includes firewalls, VPN encryption, application security, network analytics, access control, virus and antivirus software, and other network-related security measures (such as endpoint, web, and wireless).

Types of network security technologies


A Firewall is a barrier between two networks identifying and blocking cyber threats while allowing appropriate traffic through.

Network access control (NAC)

In order to lower risk and improve network visibility, network access control, or NAC, is a security solution that imposes rules on devices that connect to networks.

Virtual private networks (VPNs)

A device outside the corporate office can be safely connected using a remote access VPN. These gadgets, also referred to as endpoints, might be PCs, iPads, or cellphones.

Email security

Preventing email-based cyberattacks, guarding email accounts against takeover, and safeguarding email contents are all aspects of email security.

Application security

Application security, or AppSec, aids in defending application code and data against a variety of threats, such as hijacking and data theft.

Intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPSs)

A network is monitored for threats by an intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS), which then takes appropriate action to neutralize any that are found.

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